BeiT’s Solution Enables Real-Time Energy Monitoring for 6% of Czech Apartments

The Czech startup, BeiT, aims to digitize all processes related to building management on a single platform.

To date, property management companies and building owners, who collectively manage over 130,000 apartments, representing approximately 6% of the housing stock, have adopted its solution. This solution includes a system of IoT radio modules and a mobile app. The platform allows users to monitor energy consumption in real-time from their smartphones, potentially saving residents up to 30% on home-related expenses.

“Building management hasn’t changed since the 1970s. Most companies and homeowner associations across Europe still handle all processes related to homes manually, inefficiently, and non-transparently. For example, you only learn about your energy consumption annually from a paper receipt. That’s why we developed a solution that fully digitizes all aspects of building management, enabling management companies to provide better services and residents to have maximum insight into their homes,” says Miro Hachlinec, founder and CEO of BeiT.

Paperless Building Management

Automatic real-time energy consumption readings, integration with supplier price lists, and communication tools for handling emergencies and voting on important proposals are examples of services traditionally managed with paper and pencil. BeiT fully digitizes these and transfers them into a software and IoT system format. For instance, the solution collects data on consumption through radio modules and sends it to the cloud platform every hour. Residents of apartment buildings can use a mobile app that allows them to monitor this data in real-time and communicate online about all important processes.

“According to a study at the University of Nice, continuous insight into consumption can save a resident up to 30% of household-related costs, which is certainly no small number. The resident learns about their consumption within an hour, as well as where in the household it occurred. This allows them to immediately respond to any fluctuations, for example, to detect a fault in time,” explains Hanh Bui Thuy, Product Director at BeiT, who oversees the development of the technological solution.

Since February 2024, residents of apartment buildings have been able to use a new generation of the mobile application that BeiT has launched for its clients. “Since its launch, more than 70% of residents among some clients have downloaded the new version of the app, across all age groups and building ages. The responses have been exceptionally positive — people appreciate the clarity, availability, and transparency of all important information about their living conditions, especially in controlling their costs and the joint expenses of homeowner associations,” adds Hachlinec.

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