Pitchmas Miracle

11.Dec 23

Prague, Czech Republic


✨ 🎉 Ho, Ho, Holly PITCHMAS! A heartfelt thank you to all who made our Christmas startup meetup – Pitchmas Miracle, unforgettable!

🙌 A big shoutout to our partners Technologická inkubace, Raiffeisenbank Česká republika, Seed Starter ČS & Credo Ventures that (instead of chasing their KPIs) shared the light with their chosen NGOs and startups who PDC! (pitched decorating cookies) 🍪

Grateful to all of you for making Pitchmas Miracle a celebration of innovation, partnership, and shared joy! 🚀 💌 

TECHNOLOGY INCUBATION & Tibet Animal Sanctuary


CzechInvest, with their Startup program Technology Incubation with Terka Kubicová, decided to support Tibet Animal Sanctuary, an organization helping hundreds of animals, including the handicapped ones. 🐈‍⬛ 🐕 They just don’t give up on those struggling – which motivates CzechInvest in their work and should spark something in the rest of us. 🙌

To support Tibet Animal Sanctuary visit their web page: https://www.utulektibet.cz/

Raiffeisenbank Česká republika & Kristýna Minářová decided to shine the light on the Zlatka.in, an organization championing financial education for kids – which is crucial for having future innovators, stratupists, future investors, and future community builders (who can all come to future Pitchmas Miracles).

You can also support Zlatka.in, visit their web page: https://www.zlatka.in/gb/

Seed Starter & people in need

credo ventures & zivot90

Our partner Seed Starter & Jirka Skopový chooses to spotlight the organization People in Need / Clovek v tisni, helping those born less privileged. They will introduce their work; how diligently they implement humanitarian relief, long-term development projects, educational programs, and human rights initiatives in crisis-affected regions across the globe. We sincerely thank Seed Starter for championing such a crucial cause! Let’s remember our fortune this Christmas and extend our support to those in need.

To support People in Need / Clovek v tisni, visit their web page: https://www.clovekvtisni.cz/

This year, at our Christmas Startup Meetup – Pitchmas Miracle, our new partner shines a light on those who experienced more technological, economic (and other) revolutions than we can’t count.

Credo & Matej Micek decided to highlight the work of Zivot90, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of seniors. Thanks, Credo, for partnering with us and supporting such an important cause! 

To support Zivot90, visit their web page: https://www.zivot90.cz/cs