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Yassaman Omidbakhsh, Founder and Co-CEO at eyerim

Yassaman Omidbakhsh’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2014 at Lazada, a prominent player in Southeast Asia’s e-commerce landscape. Here, she immersed herself in various roles, focusing on business development and statistical marketing analysis, which provided invaluable insights and connections.

Fuelled by her passion for entrepreneurship, she joined a startup incubator, where she helped launch over eight ideas in under a year. This crash course in entrepreneurship provided hands-on experience and a diverse skill set.

In 2015, alongside friend Martin, she co-founded eyerim, pioneering the digital optics industry. Despite initial doubts, Yassaman’s strategic vision led to securing eyerim’s first major investor before launch, propelling it to receive over €5 million in investments. Yassaman places a premium on talent and intuition, having built a dedicated team from the ground up, many of whom have grown into key managerial roles.



We all want Unicorns. But there are different paths how to reach that status. Let’s deep dive into highlighting the benefits of bootstrap financing, such as maintaining full control over the business and avoiding the dilution of equity, but also the drawbacks, including the limited financial resources and potential slower growth rate. On the other hand, venture capital offers significant financing possibilities, allowing rapid expansion and access to expertise and networks. However, it may result in the loss of decision-making control and increased pressure for quick growth and profitability.

Bohumil Pokštefl, SaaS Garden

Bohumil is the former CEO and Co-Owner of Kontentino – the fastest-growing tech company in Slovakia for two years. He founded a cozy CoWork for emerging tech founders and launched SaaS Garden, a studio building SaaS tools. Bohumil was named Forbes 30 Under 30 and Founder of the Year.

Andrej Petrus, ZAKA VC

Andrej Petrus, head of the investment committee at ZAKA VC, early stage focused VC with 50 portfolio companies investing all across EU and US in pre-seed and seed stages and b2b focus. Worked in venture building @CEAi and M&A consulting @PwC. Newton Venture Fellow @London Business School and Forbes 30u30.


Unique offer for early stage startups: We’ve partnered with esteemed investors from the Slovak and Czech VC scene & business experts to create a unique opportunity just for you. It’s a chance to connect, engage in meaningful conversations, receive valuable feedback, and possibly secure investment for your venture. Each investor will offer four 10-minute slots for every startup.

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For those uninitiated in the world of ‚No Code‘ development, join the Slavo Tuleya’s captivating roundtable workshop exploring the potential and implications of this innovative approach. Topics covered will include:

  • Understanding the concept and historical context of “No Code.”
  • Scrutinizing the downsides and risks associated with “No Code.”
  • Determining whether “No Code” is the right fit for your project.
  • Exploring the tools and costs associated with “No Code” development.
  • Illuminating case studies of successful “No Code” applications.

Slavo Tuleya

Slavo runs a productized No Code service, invests in boring SMBs, and speaks at events from time to time. He’s an ex-Innogy Corporate Innovation, SKODA Auto Digilab Founder and ZAKA.VC CEO. Slavo writes content for Non-Tech Founders and Companies on how to get your idea from 0 to 1, How to get funding, MVP and Lean Startup guides, Corporate Innovation, No Code, and founder experiences on GTM and Scaling strategies 🚀

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