How to improve a startup website? How about writing blogs?

Imagine you bought a cooking course with a great chef, a sushi specialist. Not every chef can do it like this one, you love the atmosphere and you came to see how it's been cooked.

If it’s really great, you’ll order the chef to your home and recommend him to other your colleagues. But you see how the chef cooks, he has great ingredients, and he’s doing great, but you’re still missing something that personifies him a little bit. Wouldn’t you like to know more about the chef than what’s written only on the leaflet? Or what is written on the door? Or on the website?

And that’s exactly how it can be with startup websites. Their shop window on the internet world shows what they do, and who is the contact point. There’s always a nice picture of the product or team, a contact button, the perfect eye-catching colors, or general references from clients… But what if you added your blog to the site? Write that experience of yours nicely and share all that hidden stuff that no one sees at first glance. What do you love about your company? What makes you different? How was your team building last week? What likes Andrea from the customer service department? And what advice does your IT specialist John recommend to people related to e.g. cyber security?

My three reasons why I think you should write a blog… And I love reading them!

  1. A blog is a great opportunity to share experiences with readers. It’s your added value compared to other startups. Show your expertise and willingness to write about it.
  2. You’re showing what others don’t see. Emotions, stories, tips, how-to’s, and at first glance maybe even little things for you. But the reader ( = potential customer) can already get a more detailed picture of you when they see how you hold it together in your blog. What is the story of your business. How you perceive things around you, how you write and what you write.
  3. Have you been at great event, post about it on social media, show your booth photos and that was the end of it? A blog is the perfect place to write it all up nicely from the preparation, the journey, the details, the pitfalls, the hints and tips. The blog stays, the social media post leaving in a few days.


And examples of some really cool websites for your inspiration:

  • Startup Nation
  • TechCrunch 
  • Startup Grind 
  • TechStars 
  • Hubspot 


When you were looking at startup websites during these times, how many of them were writing a blog?😉

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