November Truesday is history. Let’s talk about Ethics in AI. Do we already know the recipe for that?

Bon appetit, friends! As you probably already know, every first Tuesday of the month we cook one universal specialty just for you in the form of a regular meetup called Truesday, which brings great people with enthusiasm to one place.

Truesdays’ mission is simple: a high-quality guest list representing individuals from diverse fields such as startups, founders, aspiring entrepreneurs, the public sector, government innovation organizations, investors, and representatives from the tech industry; together in the same place and time every first Tuesday in a month – to make it easy for them to remember and plan. We are creating a place for new collaborations and strengthening old relationships, for knowledge sharing and supporting innovation boost.

On the first Tuesday of every month, we can now come together in an informal atmosphere and meet the people who matter most. Our roots trace back to the early days of the Czech Republic’s startup era, where the concept of connecting like-minded individuals proved to be incredibly successful. Building on that legacy, we are creating a space, a platform where everyone knows what’s happening on the first Tuesday in Prague!

Have you visited our Truesdays before? Is the answer no? So read on and we will convince you that you will definitely want to join us in December!

Imagine a Tuesday evening, seven o’clock, dark outside. And 180 people coming to the Prague 2nd Flor Clubhouse, witnessing three great ladies sitting on the Main stage. The first one is the host, an incredibly energetic woman, a researcher at Oxford, and a goddess in popularizing AI, archaeologist Sara Polak. She brings to the Main Stage two remarkable ladies who work in the AI industry. The first one is Markéta Jedličková, an AI engineer and Data Scientist. The second one is Gabriela Takáčová, CEO and founder of the startup Recombee, which uses AI to help recommend tailored, relevant content to users. There is applause in the hall and let’s go…

The main theme is Ethics in AI. What does the word “ethics” actually mean? Who is to determine what is and is not ethical? How will it direct the labor market? Where is AI and how does it affect us?

Those are the themes that resonated during the discussion. What we can say is that artificial intelligence is changing our every-day lives. It does change. And our lives will never be the same. Every day is different in making history. There is an amazing parallel between history and technology. There are calm times, there are crises. Ethics is our “compass” and it depends on how strong that compass is. It’s important to talk about it; one specific example was mentioned during the discussion. Imagine a situation where one person uses their power and voice for something unethical. Can he influence the lives of others by using his power to do something unethical? Who actually determines what is and isn’t ethical?

Gabriela, the founder and CEO of the startup Recombee works with data and artificial intelligence on a day-to-day basis. Algorithms, clouds, information, processes. She agrees that ethics is our compass, but it cannot be put on paper. Ethics is also connected with the running of the company and is shaped by the culture of the given company. We all learn to live and work with it. Her company is more than 6 years old, and a few years ago no one was dealing with artificial intelligence on the market. But now artificial intelligence is everywhere. ChatGPT, Open AI, personalized ads. It is a part of our everyday life and we must constantly educate ourselves.

Are you on Instagram? TikTok? Any social media? There is so much of artificial intelligence. Are you giving ”Likes”? Do you share? Watching ads? All this information is processed and it is up to us whether we agree with the terms and whether we accept them.

The word adaptation was repeated several times during the discussion. Adapting to the situation. Both globally and locally. What do we really want and what don’t? Some of our skills will no longer be needed. Will AI one day replace copywriters? Graphic designers? And other positions? It is safe to say that the situation will change. And here comes the moment when we have to realize it and count on the fact that some positions will be needed more, some less.

A big topic is how to share this topic with the general public. Experts have a concrete idea of what everything entails, but what about the non-expert population? There is power in data. Let’s think about transparency, raise awareness about the behavior and use of AI, and use statistics.

And what was the end of the joint discussion? The ladies used 4 key ingredients: Marketa‘s two most important ingredients are adaptation and cooperation. Gabriela agrees with adaptation and has added transparency.

And Markéta Jedlickova says: “Ensuring AI is trustworthy and safe is crucial. We need a thorough strategy to create AI systems that are fair, reliable, and resistant to misuse”.

If this convinced you, registration for the upcoming event is here 

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