The Ostrava-based CRM company Raynet grew by 33 % last year. And now expanding

Alongside celebrating its twentieth anniversary, the Ostrava company Raynet can also celebrate an annual growth rate of over one third.

Last year, it improved its mobile application, added automations to enhance business processes, and exceeded a profit of 26 million crowns. With a turnover of nearly 117 million crowns and an increasing number of licenses, Raynet is laying the groundwork for further innovations and expansion abroad. The expansion will be assisted by experts from companies like Livesport and Smartlook, which have achieved global success in the past.

“Twenty years ago, many people didn’t believe that a successful, ambitious company could be established anywhere other than Prague. However, here we are now, standing in Ostrava at a stage where our profit is a quarter of our turnover,” comments Martin Bazala, CEO of Raynet.

Last year, Raynet also received several significant awards, including Patriot of the Year and Office of the Year. “These awards mean a lot to us. They reaffirm that we are doing well. It’s also a way to spread the philosophy of our corporate culture, which can be an inspiration for the business community,” adds Martin Bazala. Additionally, Raynet launched improvements to its mobile application, offering users the ability to access data from anywhere. The company enhanced the application’s user-friendliness and enriched it with features such as business card scanning, quick notes, and Face ID. In addition to improving the application, Raynet also focused on automation, implementing features like  automatic tasks, new leads, follow-ups to meetings, and contract expiration notifications.

Raynet plans to build up on these innovations by introducing inbox and outbox services. This will allow the integration of email accounts directly with Raynet, allowing  users to receive and send emails seamlessly. The expansion of services will also include a “business goals” function, which will facilitate the evaluation of traded volumes and other KPIs. Raynet will further expand in the use of artificial intelligence, which is already being applied in some of its existing processes.

What The Future Holds

The current results serve as a catalyst for Raynet to begin expansion beyond the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The first step towards achieving this goal will  involve forming a strong expansion team, including experts from companies such as Livesport and Smartlook, which have already attained success in this endeavor. “We believe that together with experts who have valuable experience in this field, we will be able to formulate a strategy for the first wave of expansion into new markets. This will play a key role in achieving the desired results,” adds Martin Bazala, regarding the expansion plans.

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