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WebExpo is coming back to Prague! Don’t miss it! WebExpo is the web event of the year counting 1600 attendees, 70 fantastic speakers from all around the world, 5 halls full of practical talks, discussions, mentor hours and much more. And of course 3 legendary parties. Startup Kitchen will definitely not miss these 2 exciting days full of learning from the best in business, project management, digital marketing, UX design, web development and other specialisations.

Building a successful business is not just about having a cool idea, especially not in today’s competitive world. It requires a blend of innovation, strategy, marketing and a well-knit team, which is easier said than done. But don’t worry, WebExpo’s got your back!

Are you prepared to squeeze the maximum potential out of your business? To say goodbye to repetitive tasks thanks to AI and finally have free hands to focus on strategic and creative tasks?

Keep reading because we are about to highlight some of the biggest names that will share their know-how with you at the WebExpo Conference! 

Business and marketing all-stars

Do you believe that Nathan W. Pyle just woke up one day being the #1 New York Times bestselling author? Of course not! As the keynote speaker, he will open WebExpo 2024 and give you a sneak peek into the backstage of his world-famous comic and AppleTV+ series Strange Planet. Nathan will reveal the 4 habits that helped him open doors to a new creative universe.

Claire Suellentrop will shed light on the often overlooked aspect of acquiring customers and scaling a product – operationalising growth. Claire has a rich history of helping SaaS companies go from pre-revenue to multi-millions in ARR, and she is ready to pass on to you the key tactics and actionable strategies to maximise your product growth.

He was chosen as one of New Europe 100’s most innovative people by Google and the Financial Times, he is one of the most acclaimed advertising and branding creators in Europe, and he appeared on the list 30 Under 30 by Forbes Slovakia. By now you must know we are talking about Michal Pastier! Michal has launched over 250 brands and he will uncover what YOU need to know to build a successful global brand.

It might seem like AI rules the world nowadays, but according to Edoardo Binda Zane and the World Economic Forum’s Future of Work report, creativity is one of the most important skills. Edoardo is a management and leadership trainer preparing his clients for the future of work. He will show you techniques to train creativity and use it as a source of innovation and competitive advantage.

Ask for feedback from real potential customers. This advice from Markéta Kabátová will save you a lot of time, effort and money. Markéta is the CEO of uLab, a well-known PPC expert and host of the podcast “PPC Brainfood” where she shares her valuable PPC insights. She will present an innovative process for testing product ideas before they hit the market and evaluating cost per acquisition.


Anna Bohoněk brings a fresh perspective on enhancing your business potential by inviting AI to the game. Anna excels in innovative technology use, prompt engineering, and no-code automation. In her eye-opening talk, she will give you the guidelines and tools to transform your daily business tasks by integrating AI into business operations, sales and marketing.

Design matters and Nati Asher is prepared to win you on her side with her real-world success story! In her career, she has achieved to significantly shape design strategies for a wide range of startups as well as corporate giants. Nati will demonstrate how the balance between business objectives and user-centred design can take your projects to new heights.

This is just the very beginning of what awaits you if you join the amazing WebExpo ride! Check the full list of brilliant speakers coming from all over the world to share their marketing and business experience with you. 

By joining WebExpo you say yes to countless opportunities for networking with fellow professionals, discussing burning issues of your business with wonderful mentors, attending 3 free practical workshops included in your conference ticket, and you can even bring your kids and let them learn too! Browse the program and don’t forget to use the promo code “STARTUPKITCHEN” at checkout to get 20% off your conference ticket.

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