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🤩 Welcome to Startup Kitchen! We’re happy to have you here! Below are a TL;DR intro, quick links, updates, and opportunities for you to join our community (if you’re not already part of it).

How did Startup Kitchen get started? 

It was supposed to be a small idea, taking care of several 1st-time Founders (most usually friends), however, it has quickly grown into an entrepreneurial community of founders from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, and other countries are quickly joining as well (pointing to Austria, Romania, Estonia, and Ukraine). We are kind of good at taking care of communities therefore it was a natural transition for us. 

(as our motto says) We know that Seeking a recipe for success is no piece of cake, so our Startup Kitchen staff is here to help. We are a group of network-loving investors and talent scouts with a delicate taste for overlooked yet gifted founders. We are here for all startup apprentices who want to become master chefs. Our creative approach is just the cherry on top.

Who is Startup Kitchen for?

All innovative souls and those who want to change the world. Doesn’t matter if you are still a student, a fresh graduate, or an entrepreneur already, we are here for you. As our work history consists of several VC funds our biggest motivation is to help 1st-time founders with their first VC investment. We want to demystify all these Term Sheets, Convertible Loans, Shareholder agreements, and other VC vocabulary as we believe in a more human approach. 


What does Startup Kitchen do? 


Kitchen Talks can be both educational and entertaining. Published once per month, we cover various issues challenging startup founders, operators, C-levels, investors, or corporates. Offering points from apprentices and master chefs, community influencers, and not-so-famous experts. In our Talks, we jump from work-related news to the weirdest meals one has ever tasted – together it brings spicy educational value that listeners remember.


Events - invite-only networking events that always contain something special. There are two sure things about our meetups; you'll never get bored and you'll always learn something whether it is to tap a beer or how to close an investment via SAFE.

Blog Articles

We are starting this new educational series of Blog articles which will be divided into 2 categories (a) “educational”, (b) “why we invested in”. Both categories are a new format for how to deliver important information to you – our community.


Once A Month With A Particular Focus On CEE. Short & Tasty. Receive the Latest STARTUP TAPAS In Your Inbox! You will get some fresh news about startups, some longer reading, the new episode of our podcast, and an overview of upcoming events. First Tuesday of a month. All of this. For free. Howgh.

Founders BeReal

Being a startup founder isn't Always Forbes articles, huge investment rounds, or photos from the beach. Actually, it's quite the opposite. Long nights alone in the office, no free time, ruined relationships with family, friends, and boy/girlfriends accompanied by the stress of running out of money and not being able to pay salary to your colleagues and employees. And it's ok to talk about that. We already have a first edition where Jakub Mahdal from Safetica shared his story

Investment Academy

Launched a promising startup and planning to get an investor? Would you like to know what you and the investor will realistically deal with, and what investment options are available on the market? Then you shouldn't miss the Investment Academy, where the goal is to help startups prepare and speed up the search for an investment partner.


Drag along, tag along, liquidity preference, vesting, anti-dilution, and all these VC terms are not that complicated once they've been explained. That's what #Founders2Lawyers should be here for. Let's demystify the VC industry, especially the stuff in the Term Sheets & Convertible Loans documents.


Raising money but don't how to approach a VC fund? Or even don't knwo which VC fund shloud be approach by your startup? Then it's time for us to help you! We were able to develop a wide network of international VC funds around Startup Kitchen, industrially but also geographically. We are able to help in Eastern Europe as well as in Western part of the continent.


We aim to run a reciprocal learning relationship. Meaning a mentor and mentee agree to a partnership, where they work collaboratively toward the achievement of mutually-defined goals that will develop a mentee's skills, abilities, knowledge, and/or thinking. There is a remarkable pool of Mentors around Startup Kitchen so we aim to connect you to the ones that suits you the best.

Evaluator (TBD)

Long time ongoing project of a simple questionaire tool to analyse your startup and its investable potential. There is a set of approx. 50 questions to be answered about your projects, and then you recieve not only score of probability of an investment but also a list of VCs you should approach based on your stage, focus, industry, the size of the ticket, geography and many more aspects! Coming to your cinema very soon!

How can I join the Startup Kitchen community? 

Thanks for asking! There are several ways how to join, the first and easiest is to subscribe to our newsletters. Definitely don’t miss any of our events that we are throwing and where you may get to know the community. If you have a specific need, feel free to reach out directly – contact are below.

Looking for a venture capital investment? 

Join our scouting program and let us do our best to help you prepare for your first investment round, as we may go through your Business Model, Go2Market Strategy, Pitch deck presentation, scalability, etc., and make sure that you are a star among other pitching founders.

Feel free to reach out 

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