about startup kitchen

By educating, entertaining, and networking, we are trying to protect startup apprentices from getting severely burned fingers.
Our specialties are scouting, networking, and throwing tailored events we develop from scratch. Our signature dish is the creativity of our content – the copywriting, design, podcasting, community & brand building. All served with years of experience from VCs and startups. Bon Appetit!

What we do

Our activity menu is extensive, and it will answer your tasteful desires. Our specialties are:

Our Background

Startup Kitchen has a creative&executive team with years of experience in startup culinary, event management, and content marketing.
We made the Disraptors event happen (ex SWCSummit). Also, the VC boat floated thanked our staff, and No Pitch Meetup happened. Apart from events, we have experiences from Impulse Ventures, European Space Agency, UP21, Czech Founders, and Czechinvest.

Core Team


Enjoying the culinary show?

All this and much more, we do for you – our beloved startup community, for free. If you like what we do, join us on this culinary journey by supporting us on Buy Me a Coffee . Your contribution fuels our passion for fostering startup success.