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Hungarian Lead Ventures Launches €100M Fund for CEE Startups

Lead Ventures has announced the launch of its new €100M fund, targeting startups in CEE. The fund will offer investments ranging from €2M to €10M, providing a boost to companies in strengthening their Product-Market Fit and expanding to new markets.

Unveiling ZAKA Fund I: 15M for bridging the US with the EU market

Operating from the vibrant startup ecosystems of Prague and London, ZAKA VC established its first fund sized EUR 15M and ready to support early-stage startups in US and EU.

Loyi raises €425,000 Pre-Seed for gamified brand loyalty platform

Berlin loyalty program company Loyi, a brand of Enefty Technologies, has raised €425,000 Pre-Seed funding.

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What is Zarathustra?

Leveraging Blockchain Architecture to Foster Networks of Intelligent Agents

NEXUS 2050: “Artificial intelligence provides knowledge, but wisdom lies in how we use it”

These wise words were delivered by HRH the Crown Prince during his opening remarks at the official inaugural ceremony of the first edition of Luxembourg’s new international tech pulse.

First-Ever International Quantum Hackathon Unites Academia, Corporate, and Venture Capital

The inaugural International Quantum Hackathon at the Czech Technical University in Prague marked a historic moment as the first event of its kind in the Czech Republic, bringing together academia, corporate leaders, and venture capital in a unique collaboration.


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Have you heard about Hanah Lahe from Estonia? She’s the youngest Member of Parliament and joined us to discuss her life, dreams, experience and politician career

Hanah Lahe from Estonia – land of Harry Potter of the digital world was our key person in podcast #22. Do you know her?

How to Prompt: The Ultimate Guide

Learn strategies for clarity, context, and structured approaches to maximize the potential of AI.

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Zdejší Startup Kitchen a Tensor Ventures se spojují se švýcarským CERNem.

CERN dá českým startupům k dispozici své technologie.