December always comes stressful. Whether you like it or not. So how do successful entrepreneurs cope with stress?

Stress is like a constant companion in our everyday existence, entwined with the delicate dance of work-life equilibrium, duties, and approaching deadlines.

Picture it as navigating through the daily hustle, much like finding your way through a complex maze where each turn presents a new challenge. Though not always easy, stress brings a mix of challenges and excitement into our lives, especially for those not accustomed to its complexity.

On the first Tuesday of December, the unique atmosphere of TRUESDAYS unfolded at Klubovna’s 2nd floor, attracting a diverse crowd of startup enthusiasts, founders, investors, and entrepreneurs. The spotlight shone on Mika Škoda, Vanda Seidlová, and Lukáš Maixner, who gathered to discuss a topic close to their hearts: stress relievers in high-pressure jobs.

The event was hosted by Miky Škoda, an experienced figure in the startup realm, is the founder of Mobilis, focusing on practical education, and also takes charge of the Innovation Community Red Button EDU. Accompanying him were two successful entrepreneurs: Vanda Seidlová, the visionary co-founder of Educleus and founder of Twigsee, a platform revolutionizing preschool communication, and Lukáš Maixner, co-founder of Socialbakers, a global leader in social media marketing, who later realized his childhood dream of becoming a commercial pilot.

As the audience settled in, Miky Škoda wasted no time delving into the discussion on stress management. The conversation unfolded, revealing the unique paths chosen by the speakers to navigate the demanding landscape of their professions. Vanda Seidlová, acknowledging her need for less sleep, shared her unorthodox stress-relieving activity—private flying. She emphasized the importance of finding a hobby that diverts attention, recommending it as a remedy for everyone.

Similarly, Lukáš Maixner, a professional pilot and former leader of a successful startup, echoed the sentiment of finding solace in a hobby. He emphasized the significance of hard work, defined strategies, and precise procedures, echoing the mantra of “drill, drill, drill.”

Questions about work-life balance prompted Miky Škoda to share his university-era insights on the challenge of juggling free time and work. Vanda Seidlová, driven by passion, dismissed the concept of Work-Life Balance, relying on meticulous planning and a shared calendar to seamlessly integrate work into her life.

Lukáš Maixner stressed the importance of calming activities and strong internal judgment. For him, dedicating time to a hobby and spending it with loved ones acted as stress relief. Crises were inevitable, but the key was to analyze and learn from them.

When discussing work-life balance, Vanda Seidlová highlighted the value of prioritizing time with loved ones. Despite being divorced and raising an 8-year-old son, she emphasized the significance of experiences over chores. Traveling became a means to explore new chapters of life and share meaningful moments with her son.

Both speakers underscored the importance of finding joy and charting one’s unique path. According to them, contentment lies in aligning with personal preferences. Vandacapped the night with a poignant quote, urging everyone to “Be nice to yourself, and keep going.” As the event concluded, the audience left with insights on managing stress and finding harmony in the chaos of professional life.

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