Startup Grilling

22.Jun 23

Střecha Radost, Prague

Czech Republic

“Grilling startups” is no longer just a metaphor

We brought together the best of the startup and corporate/VC worlds for a sizzling event everybody wanted to attend. Famous investors were in charge of the BBQ, but more importantly, they were “grilled” by startups 🔥

VCs had the opportunity to pitch their Venture Capital fund and advocate their investment thesis and portfolio.

Thanks for bringing more flavors to our Startup Grilling party to ⚔️  Ivo DenemarkCzechInvest & Technologická inkubace, 🍍Kristýna Minářová / Raiffeisenbank Česká republika , 🥚Matěj M./ Credo Ventures,  🍣 Jirka Skopový/ Seed Starter ČS and 🍳Andrew Grey/ Tilia Impact Ventures

And reverse pitch required a reverse jury, so thanks our startup chefs that grilled the VCs / Corporates 💥

👉 Patrik Kruntorád from FlowlanceLaureen Höllge from Mamio / Fondee, and Pavel Jiranek from FLOWBOX who were in control of the temperature, seasoning, and presentation quality!

Thanks for coming/grilling/eating/pitching/judging/networking/twerking with us!

More photos you can find HERE


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