05.Dec 23


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This was our 4th edition of Truesday!


1️⃣ 18:15 – 18:50 PANEL DISCUSSION

What are the best stress relievers for high-pressure jobs at startups?

Are you struggling with focus? Feeling the high pressure and big demands at work? It happens to everyone at times, but do you have your stress relievers? We’ve got you covered! 👇

Miky Škoda was in discussion with business leaders, including the Co-founder of Socialbakers (Now Emplifi) and former Ryanair 1st Officer Lukas Maixner and Vanda Seidelova, co-founder of Educleus.


2️⃣ 18:50-18:55 OPEN MIC

A great opportunity to step in front of the audience and pitch who you want to HIRE for your team.
Anyone from the audience gets up to 15s on stage. It is always for max 5 people (first come first served).


3️⃣ 19:00 – 19:40 SPEED-DATING

Unique offer for early stage startups: We partnered with 7 esteemed early-stage investors from the Czech VC scene to create a unique opportunity just for you. It’s a chance to connect, engage in meaningful conversations, receive valuable feedback, and possibly secure investment for your venture. Each investor will offer four 10-minute slots for every startup.

Our well esteemed partners for this Truesday
➡️ Slavo Tuleya from Kiuub
➡️ Vaclav Gregor from Soulmates Ventures
➡️ Natalia Mikusova from ZAKA VC
➡️ Anna Kreml from Rockaway Capital
➡️ Milan Hornak from Impulse Ventures
➡️ Ondrej Lipold from Tensor Ventures


4️⃣ 20:00 – 20:40 ROUNDTABLE


Key Discussion Points:

Effective Prompt Design for Generative AI

  • Techniques for crafting clear, concise, and goal-oriented prompts.
  • Best practices to ensure AI responses align with businessobjectives.

Practical Use Cases and Innovative Hacks

  • Exploration of common and unique applications in a business setting.
  • Sharing personal hacks for optimizing AI tool efficiency.

Future Implementations and Understanding Limitations

  • Insights into potential future uses of generative AI in business.
  • Discussing current limitations and reasons for delayed implementation.

Real-World Applications and Training Insights

  • Specific examples of generative AI tools used in various business scenarios.
  • Analysis of which AI applications have been most impactful in professional training sessions.

Objective: To equip startup founders with actionable strategies for integrating generative AI tools into their businesses, leveraging my experiences and insights in the field



5️⃣ 19:00- 23:00 NETWORKING

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