TRUESDAYS [9.4.2024]

09.Apr 24




Our mission is simple: a high-quality guest list representing individuals from diverse fields such as startups, founders, aspiring entrepreneurs, the public sector, government innovation organizations, investors, and representatives from the tech industry; together in same place and time every first Tuesday in a month – to make it easy for them to remember and plan. We are creating a place for new collaborations and strengthening old relationships, for knowledge sharing and supporting innovation boost.

On the first Tuesday of every month, we can now come together in an informal atmosphere and meet the people who matter most. Our roots trace back to the early days of the Czech Republic’s startup era, where the concept of connecting like-minded individuals proved to be incredibly successful. Building on that legacy, we are creating a space, a platform where everyone knows what’s happening on the first Tuesday in Prague!


Meet Anna Stárková lawyer at White & Case and Marcin Beme, the successful exited founder of Audioteka. Together, they unraveled the untold stories of falls and triumphs of the investment process. How to steer your startup amidst VC pressures and maintain control over your vision? How to protect your IP, and who can you trust? This was the chance to gain exclusive insights and strategies for navigating the twists and turns of venture capital.

Marcin Beme
Founder of Audioteka

Founder, creator, and longtime CEO of Audioteka S.A. – the largest audiobook-podcast platform in the CEE region and the largest producer of audio content. Previously co-creator of a technology company specializing in IoT and a company producing television programs. Currently founder and CEO of KMB F.R. – a private investment holding.

Recipient of Poland’s highest civilian state decoration, the ‚Cross of Merit,‘ for advancing Polish culture, entrepreneurship, and technological expertise. Also honored with EY’s ‚Entrepreneur of the Year‘ award in the Technology/Innovation category, and recognized as a finalist for the Jan Wejchert ‚Polish Business Council Award‘ 6th edition. Additionally, received the ‚Digital Shapers Award‘ from Forbes, Business Insider, and Digital Poland Foundation for outstanding contributions to innovation and technology, shaping the digital economy in Poland.

Anna Stárková
Lawyer at White & Case

Anna is a lawyer specializing in technology law in collaboration with the international law firm White & Case. She specializes in aspects of intellectual property within transactions, administrative proceedings before national authorities and the European Commission, as well as privacy and non-privacy data advisory. In the past, she also gained experience at the technology company Avast (now Gen).


What an incredible speed-dating session we had last TRUESDAY! 🙌 Speed-dating proves to be one of the top highlights of every TRUESDAY; you love it, we love it! Every month we arrange for you an incredible lineup of top mentors and investors. 🤝

Last TRUESDAY, we expanded even further – and you could meet a representative of the government Radim Ivan, offering assistance in navigating governmental channels for project introductions; a mentor coming from Germany with invaluable experience from the German VC market Elias Maier; a highly experienced mentor from banking area and risk management in general Patrick Roesink. For those seeking support in innovations, growth strategies, and strategic partnerships, the best resources were available by talking to Vijay Nerva. Alternatively, the head of PrushaLab Ondřej Kašpárek was present to assist those with physical product ventures.

Seeking a different investment approach? Kateřina Rundová from Technologická inkubace was on hand to offer invaluable assistance at the outset of your journey.

The slots that are consistently in high demand and every time booked as first are those of our early-stage investors, including Petra Gordan from Impulse Ventures and Kateryna Kovalenko from DEPO Ventures . Thank you for supporting us🖤

A standout moment from last TRUESDAY was the opportunity to meet our keynote speaker, Marcin Beme🎧, who also served as a mentor during the speed dating sessions. Marcin’s journey resonates with many; he understands the challenges of starting a new project, navigating day-to-day duties, fundraising, and the rounds of investment. After overcoming these challenges and making a successful exit, he’s now excited to help other founders on their path. Marcin, your presence was truly appreciated; thank you for being with us! 🙌

As for next month, we’re gearing up for another top-notch lineup. Keep an eye out! Our advice: if you’re aiming to meet an investor or mentor, do your homework‼️, familiarize yourself with them, and come prepared with a clear plan or question. You’ve got 8 minutes, and they can be life-changing!


Networking stands as one of the core pillars of TRUESDAYS meetups 🤝.

Our aim is simple: to be the go-to gathering where you can catch up with old contacts, strengthen current partnerships, and make new connections vital for your business. And every month we fulfill this promise. Whether you’re a startup founder, investor, project enthusiast, or part of a corporate entity, each encounter and every piece of feedback received can drive you forward on your journey.

Before you join us at TRUESDAYS, take a moment to research who’ll be there, identify potential contacts, and come prepared. You can also extend invitations to those you’d like to meet and schedule meetings throughout the event 📩.

See you next TRUESDAY

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