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Our mission is simple: a high-quality guest list representing individuals from diverse fields such as startups, founders, aspiring entrepreneurs, the public sector, government innovation organizations, investors, and representatives from the tech industry; together in same place and time every first Tuesday in a month – to make it easy for them to remember and plan. We are creating a place for new collaborations and strengthening old relationships, for knowledge sharing and supporting innovation boost.


Hoops, Scalpels, and Business Plan: Unconventional ways to business

Thanks to everyone who joined us for a slam-dunk panel discussion at last Truesdays – Hoops and Scalpels edition, featuring Tomáš Šebek and Pavel Pumprla, led by our very own Kate Syslová! We explored the tough decisions in medicine and business, scoring points with entrepreneurship and slicing through the impacts of technology in our fields. From buzzer-beating failures to game-changing successes, we found balance while keeping our eyes on the fast-paced trends.

TOMÁŠ ŠEBEK - Surgeon & Digital Health Evangelist

Tomáš Šebek is the most well-known and influential Czech surgeon, but he hasn’t limited himself to medical practice. He is also a successful entrepreneur. In addition to his work at the hospital, he is involved in missions with Médecins Sans Frontières, having been on 4 missions. 

His new initiative is a project called „Minister of Health,“ which aims to increase the average healthy lifespan of Czechs in collaboration with other well-known personalities. Five years ago, he founded the portal and is involved in other projects, mainly focused on utilizing modern technologies in healthcare. His investment strategy is fundamentally long-term. When making investment decisions, he prioritizes the viability, functionality, and beneficial impact of projects over immediate profit. He specializes in the field of medicine and the implementation of technologies in this sector.

Pavel Pumprla - Professional basketball player, speaker

Pavel Pumprla, once a standout on the basketball court, has pivoted his game to a new arena. From scoring points to scoring deals, he now shares his game-changing tactics with others, coaching them toward victory in the business world.

In addition to his athletic career, he is also deeply involved in personal development, leadership, team-building, and mental resilience. As a senior consultant at VALIGURA Consulting & Management, he leverages his expertise to empower individuals and organizations to reach their full potential.

He is passionate about sharing knowledge and facilitating growth, which is why he hosts the educational online program “Až ke stropu” on the RED BUTTON EDU platform and the “Cesty vítězů” podcast.


Every TRUESDAY, everyone has the opportunity to take the stage and introduce who they are hiring for their team. This is known as OPEN MIC, is increasingly becoming a favorite among our guests.


This Truesday, we introduced an update to our speed-dating event. We expanded speed-dating to include speed-mentoring, in addition to the opportunity to meet investors and receive valuable feedback on your project or idea.

Each investor generously offered four 10-minute slots, allowing startups time to pitch their ideas, discuss their business models, and explore potential partnerships or investment opportunities.

Our speed-dating was as always fully packed with remarkable entrepreneurs and investors:

This event is brought to you by Startup Kitchen and Ondřej Tomek  from Impulse Capital.

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