06.Feb 24



That was huge! We had the most guests attending from the beginning of TRUESDAYS events!

We hosted PANNEL DISCUSSION with Lucie Brešová, SVP Groupon Operations, and Marek Vašíček, CTO, co-founder of FTMO and Vratislav Kalenda, Frontman / CEO and Co-founder of Applifting  participated in the panel discussion moderated by Filip Mikschik, Founder & CEO of StartupJobs, and Barbora Kebzová, Brand & Marketing Manager of StartupJobs, who  also brought an up-to-date perspective from the job market to the discussion.

Every TRUESDAY, everyone has the opportunity to take the stage and introduce who they are hiring for their team. This is known as OPEN MIC, is increasingly becoming a favorite among our guests.

Our speed-dating was as always fully packed with remarkable entrepreneurs and investors

➡️ Petra Gordan from Impulse Ventures
➡️ Vaclav Pavlecka from Czech Founders VC
➡️ Jan Krahulik from DEPO Ventures
➡️ Andrew Gray from Tilia Impact Ventures
➡️ Petr Kopecek from CzechInvest
➡️ Martin Bolek from Purple Ventures
➡️ Václav Ryšlink from KAYA VC

We have some bright new information about speed-dating coming soon so stay tuned!

And of course, NETWORKING throughout all the evening till late night. 

We extend our appreciation to those who make these events possible, including Ondřej Tomek from Impulse Capital and the whole team of Startup Kitchen!

Thank you all for coming, see you next TRUESDAY🙌

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