Are you lost in a jungle of too many products without proper guidance? Let us offer you a helping hand, which will navigate you through the world of e-commerce.


After being desperate while trying to buy a simple jacket online, our founder decided to find a solution for making online shopping a fun and efficient experience. We address the issue of tedious and inefficient full-text product searches online. 

For example, when searching for a phone on online platforms like, customers often face over 1,700 phone options, leading to being overwhelmed and confused. The sheer volume of choices causes customers to feel lost among the multitude of products, parameters, and features. Our robot engages with clients in a manner similar to a live person. Its goal is to find out what you really expect from the product and then help you choose the right one. The conversation is human-like, it asks you questions and talks to you in a way a person would. Throughout this interaction, the salesbot showcases specific products and their details, eliminating the need for customers to laboriously search through the e-shop’s inventory.


Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away, there was a man who wanted to buy a nice ski jacket online. Encouraged to find the perfect one, he was willing to go through the deep dangerous forests of endless product databases. While looking, going over pages and pages of jackets, it happened! Suddenly, he spotted a small box in the bottom right corner of his screen. Like spotting the oasis in the desert, he ran towards the water, only to learn he indeed found the help he needed all the way – a chatbot. Excited that he was not alone on this path, he started conversing immediately.:

Just like that the man’s bad dream leading to a happy ending quickly became a nightmare crushing his ideals and hopes. Filled with frustration and anger, he decided to abandon his mission. 

And what should be your takeaway from this story: the e-shop lost a customer, the e-shop didn’t earn any money since the man didn’t buy the jacket, and the man was cold during his ski trip.


Our vision is to revolutionize the global market and change the way people shop online. ROBOSALES.AI platform processes customer inputs and preferences, utilizing a revolutionary interactive robot (interaction with a robot) that allows clients to have conversations with a robot salesperson as if they were communicating with a live person.

The customer journey is simple for consumers—they communicate with the robot through a chat window, expressing their interests and answering the robot’s questions about their preferences. Based on this interaction (inputs from the customer), the robot can make relevant recommendations and subsequently visualize them.

The main benefits for our customers (i.e., e-shops) are increased conversion rates, higher order values, and improved overall customer experience. Our robot interacts with clients like a live person, creating a natural and interactive dialogue. During this conversation, the salesbot presents specific products and their parameters without requiring the customer to painstakingly filter through the e-shop’s offerings.

ROBOSALES.AI aims to provide each customer with a much more enjoyable experience and better recommendations through our chat window integrated into the online retailer’s website. This window can be easily customized by each customer in our “Tenant Portal.”

The “tenant portal” allows our clients to view conversation analytics or monitor customer satisfaction. ROBOSALES.AI is connected to the client’s database, where they can easily add or remove products. The looks of our robot can be customized as well according to the client’s brand identity. 

One of the key benefits of this technology is cost savings—by replacing salespeople with automated systems, companies can save a significant amount of money on wages and benefits. Besides cost savings, the project can also enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the sales process. The robot can seamlessly communicate with customers, process their requests, and close deals. This leads to faster sales cycles, increased revenue, and higher customer satisfaction.

ROBOSALES uses LangChain agents to implement the core AI logic. These agents analyze the current situation and decide what actions to take, subsequently implementing these actions. Based on the results of these actions, the agents re-evaluate the situation and decide on the next step. This cycle allows for dynamic and adaptive interactions tailored to the individual needs of customers.

According to a study, while only 4% of respondents currently interact with chatbots, the growth of generative AI platforms is anticipated to significantly impact consumers’ shopping behaviors in the near future.

The data suggests that consumers show interest in using chatbots for product information, though there is less interest in other aspects like customer service support or personalized communications. This interest is especially notable among tech embracers, indicating the influence of cutting-edge technology.

With ROBOSALES.AI, we stand at the forefront of this technological transformation, poised to reshape the online shopping landscape. As consumer preferences evolve and the adoption of generative AI grows, our platform is uniquely positioned to meet the demands of the modern shopper. Our commitment to innovation and excellence ensures that we will continue to evolve, incorporating the latest advancements in AI to better serve our clients and their customers. By providing a seamless, interactive, and highly personalized shopping experience, we not only enhance customer satisfaction but also drive significant value for e-shops. 



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