What’s a bigger challenge, being a Business boss or a Tech founder?

Which is a more formidable challenge: taking on the responsibilities of a business leader or assuming the role of a tech founder?

Truesday, an innovative meeting format originating from the Startup Kitchen, is gaining popularity and drawing an expanding crowd. Every first Tuesday of the month, Klubovna 2. patro, we host a diverse group of individuals fueled by startup passion. 

October’s Truesday was far from ordinary. Imagine 7 pm with daylight lingering. Kate Syslová, a young surfer and visionary, encounters two entrepreneurs with intriguing stories. The first is Petr Nemeth, the CEO of Dataddo and a tech founder, and the second is Ondřej Krátký, formerly the CEO of Liftago and a business executive. 

In a recent development related to one of the featured guests, Ondřej Krátký, who was previously the CEO of Liftago, significant changes have taken place within the company. Liftago is undergoing substantial transformations, with the decision to split the company into two distinct entities. Ondřej Krátký has decided to shift his focus from the role of CEO to concentrate specifically on the logistics aspect of the business. This strategic move indicates a deliberate effort to streamline operations and enhance specialization within the company. More here.

Petr, the CEO of Datadoo, oversees a Data Integration Platform for marketers, data analysts, and engineers. With 15 years of technical experience, he embarked on entrepreneurship in his thirties. Petr appreciates the concept of consequences, viewing his business and its growth as a product of deliberate actions. He shares insights on starting a business as a tech founder, acknowledging that #startuplife encompasses not only technical aspects but also marketing, business, sales, and processes.

In a recent development for Datadoo, the company experienced a noteworthy financial boost, marking a significant milestone in its journey. The news of this fundraising effort was brought to light through an article where it was disclosed that Ondřej Tomek has invested in Dataddo for the third time. This Czech data startup has once again garnered support from Ondřej Tomek, adding to the momentum of its previous successful funding rounds.

What common ground will they find to share? How do they navigate the realms of tech and non-tech entrepreneurship?

As they navigate the realms of tech and non-tech entrepreneurship, Ondřej takes the microphone first, delving into the realities of digital business. Liftago, his company, offers an application enabling users to swiftly order a secure “taxi” or “courier” anywhere. Having raised over 100 million CZK, they achieved remarkable results in the Czech startup landscape. Ondřej emphasizes the need for intense focus during the growth phase, cautioning founders against attempting to capture too many opportunities simultaneously.

As the spotlight returns to Ondřej, he is questioned about navigating tech waters. He places trust in his team and believes in finding the right Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the tech aspects. Respecting each team member’s competencies is crucial in a startup. Ondřej emphasizes problem-solving as an integral part of everyday business.

Petr acknowledges the evolving nature of his role, transitioning from a hands-on startup founder to a mediator and communicator guiding the team. He expresses enjoyment in his job but stresses the need for passion and adaptability to suit the startup’s phases. Ondřej highlights the importance of focus and avoiding burnout by concentrating on specific goals. Both guests share their perspectives on stepping down when necessary. Petr has an agreement with colleagues to signal when it’s time, while Ondřej sees it as an opportunity to redirect his energies.

In conclusion, the audience is posed with an intriguing question: What do Tinder, Amazon, Onlyfans, Shipmonk, etc., have in common? The answer lies in their founders and C-level executives recognizing when to step down for the greater good of the company. Petr and Ondřej, in their unique ways, reflect on the possibility of relinquishing control when the time is right.

Appreciation to all our friends, and we look forward to the next Truesday! Stay updated on upcoming Truesday news by following our social media channels and registering for the next event: https://truesdays.com/

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