CloudTalk Raised $28 Million Funding to Lead the New Era of AI-Powered Voice Communication

CloudTalk, the fastest-growing AI-powered calling solution and call center software for modern businesses, successfully raised a $28 million round, closing its Series B funding.

The latest funding, co-led by KPN Ventures and Lead Ventures and supported by existing investors Point Nine Capital, henQ, Presto Ventures, and Orbit Capital, is a big step in CloudTalk’s journey to transform business communication.

CloudTalk was founded in 2016 to help businesses connect seamlessly with customers over the phone and make customer experience the greatest competitive advantage for driving more revenues. “It’s been fun to see how our product solves challenges for over 4,000 sales and customer-facing teams across 100+ countries, powering more than 400 million customer conversations. That translates into an unbelievable 665 years of calling,”  said Martin Malych, CEO of CloudTalk.

The new investment will strategically accelerate CloudTalk’s growth and product innovation, mainly in enhancing its AI-powered cloud phone system and contact center solutions. This funding comes at a crucial time when sales and customer service teams worldwide are aiming to improve performance and efficiency during major economic changes.

“We’ve seen a growing demand for cloud communication tools that can effectively address the challenges of customer-facing teams. Users want a phone solution that helps with basic things like boosting call quality, increasing pickup rates, and improving CRM hygiene. But they also want the phone solution to be smart. For example, to summarize calls with artificial intelligence, automate note-taking, and monitor customer opinion via sentiment analysis. That’s why our focus is now intensely on AI, maximizing team efficiency, optimizing conversations, and driving revenue growth for our clients,” said Martin Malych. 

CloudTalk is firmly committed to improving human conversations and interactions in the business world. It aims to advance its AI-driven communication solutions, ensuring smooth integration with modern business tools and providing seamless interactions for users worldwide​​​​​​​​.

The company focuses on building a platform that not only meets the evolving needs of the remote workforce but also exceeds customer expectations with innovative features like AI-powered dialers, conversational intelligence, and speech recognition. CloudTalk’s vision is to create a unified ecosystem for sales and customer service teams’ communication where every professional can engage in more productive and meaningful conversations.

KPN Ventures, a major telecom operator in the Netherlands and lead investor in this round, fully supports CloudTalk’s mission. “We are impressed with CloudTalk’s intuitive AI solutions and its ability to meet the dynamic needs of modern businesses. Their commitment to excellence and innovation perfectly aligns with our vision,” commented Sem Alberga, Investment Director at KPN Ventures.

“This investment is a leap towards our ‘moonshot’ goals. Not just in terms of financial growth, but in fundamentally transforming how businesses communicate. A big thanks to everyone who helped us on our journey – our customers, as well as our 140+ person team of CloudTalkers. I feel extremely lucky to have such incredible professionals around me. I am excited to continue working with all of them towards driving more meaningful conversations that bring revenue and satisfaction,concludes Martin Malych

Investor Quotes

“We are impressed by CloudTalk’s position as an easy-to-deploy market-leading CCaaS solution powered by AI intelligence with a truly intuitive user interface. The company’s status as a market leader is proof of its excellence. We are looking forward to helping CloudTalk further expand its international presence and improve its already superior calling quality” says Sem Alberga, Investment Director @ KPN Ventures. 

“The reason we’ve invested in Cloudtalk is their strong team and remarkable traction. Martin’s commitment impressed us. We are confident that CloudTalk’s leadership and the whole team are on the right path to change the way contact centers work globally. They have what it takes to become a leader in the telco industry. We are excited to partner up with them and accompany them on their new journey” adds Kristóf Székely, Partner @ Lead Ventures

“Since our first investment, we knew CloudTalk was active in a competitive space, yet the team at CloudTalk has impressed us with their ability to consistently win from each of those (large) competitors by providing a lot of different, seemingly small features that make a massive difference on the daily lives of sales teams. We are excited to further support CloudTalk in their journey ahead” says Mick Mackaay, Partner @ henQ

“Since our initial investment in CloudTalk three years ago, we’ve been extremely impressed by how well they’ve built their product, how fast they’ve brought new ideas to the market, and how they’ve grown without spending too much money. CloudTalk’s successful Series B (in a very difficult market environment) shows that their strategy is working. We’re thrilled to keep supporting CloudTalk as they change how businesses talk to their customers” adds Christoph Janz, Managing Partner @ Point Nine Capital

“I think back to 2018 when we were closing the CloudTalk investment. It was one of Presto’s very first and at the time, CloudTalk was a budding startup with a few clients and a minimalist product. It’s amazing to witness how far the company has come and the challenges its team has had to grapple with over that time. The current investment round marks another milestone in CloudTalk’s journey of becoming a market leader in customer voice communication tools. We’re proud to have been with them from the beginning and look forward to supporting their journey going forward,” says Premysl Rubes, founding partner of Presto Ventures.

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