Czech Presto Ventures leads a pre-seed round for Georgia-based marketplace for task delegation Wempler

Wempler, Georgian marketplace for task delegation, has raised a $330,000 in a pre-seed round led by Presto Ventures. The investment will be used for product development and market expansion.

Tbilisi, Georgia-based Wempler, the marketplace for task delegation, announced on Tuesday that it has raised $330K (approximately €301K) in a pre-seed round of funding led by Presto Ventures with participation from angel investors. 

The latest injection of capital will enable Wempler to fund product development, expand its market reach, and penetrate the Georgian market while also expanding across the CIS region.

Wempler claims its solution can match customers with the 3 most suitable offers from local service providers (companies & individuals) within 5 minutes. In addition, since launching, the startup completed more than 22,000 tasks and served over 10,000 customers.

“Thanks to the successful pre-seed round, we’ll be able to elevate the gig economy and introduce the concept to the wider CEE region. We’ll also continue to save thousands of hours and deliver peace of mind by providing our customers with the opportunity to delegate their errands in minutes,” says Aleksandre Tavkhelidze, co-founder & CEO.

“It’s always a pleasure to work with founders who are driven, bring great energy, and work relentlessly. They aren’t afraid to try many things and iterate rapidly to create the best possible product. Aleksandre, David, and Giorgi fit this founder profile perfectly. This is why we believe in them and their vision, as they build the dominant player in this category” says Roman Novacek who is a Partner of a Czech based VC fund Presto Ventures.

What does Wampler aim to solve?

The gig economy and service-sharing culture have gained tremendous momentum in recent years. 

People are increasingly turning to freelancers and service providers to outsource various tasks, from grocery shopping and home cleaning to pet care and handyman jobs. 

The allure of the gig economy lies in its ability to offer quick and convenient solutions to time-strapped individuals. 

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