Czech startup Mamio innovates the parenting forum industry and closes a Pre-seed Round

Mamio started with a vision that mothers deserve better support in motherhood than what they find on outdated parenting forums. Mamio, with its app exclusively for mothers, has been helping over 15,000 moms feel less isolated in motherhood.

Investors now join the Czech startup on its mission to make motherhood easier and in the pre-seed round, Czech Founders VC and PurposeTech are investing 300,000 EUR into the company.

Currently, moms can connect with each other on Mamio based on the age of their child and location, as well as find support throughout motherhood on a redefined forum. In the future, Mamio will add a motherhood guide personalized by the age of the child and a personalised recommendation system for products and services. Mamio’s added value is that it can create a
friendly environment for mothers, and most importantly, provide personalized support. “The goal is for each mom to receive tailored content – whether it’s educational content that informs her about what she might be dealing with regarding her child that month, or tips on services and products recommended based on the child’s age and the type of mom,” adds Johana Šperlová, co-founder of Mamio.

“We saw that modern apps for moms work in the West. However, in the Central and Eastern European region, moms only have access to outdated and unfriendly forums like eMimino. We wanted to change that,” says Mamio co-founder Laureen Höllge. Mamio will use the investment to build additional functionalities and prepare for expansion into other markets. While the
project originated in the Czech Republic, its ambitions are global.

Mamio was founded in 2022 and receives the investment after a year and a half of operation. The project is led by Laureen Höllge, Johana Šperlová, and Karel Hrdina. “We knew we wanted to create something for women, and motherhood is a life situation specific to them. We felt that the entire parenting forum sector needed innovation, and at the same time, we saw an
opportunity that has added social value,” adds Höllge. The modern support for moms, which the founders believe women deserve during such a challenging period, is the motivation for the Mamio team.

“Mamio has taken on a very complex problem – motherhood brings endless challenges and the target group carries an unexplored level of complexity. It’s not surprising that mothers represent one of the most challenging target groups. Mamio tries to deeply understand each user and offer support, information, products, and services according to their current needs. In Mamio, we see a solution that is immensely needed and has great business potential,” describes Zdeněk Fous, PurposeTech partner, who, together with CzechFounders VC, invested in Mamio.

The application is free for users. The app will generate revenue through a personalized recommendation system, selecting products and services that can facilitate motherhood for moms and offering them curated options. “Today, it’s challenging for moms to choose the right equipment for themselves and their child. We can help them choose products and services
based on the child’s age and maternal philosophy, and through partnerships, we can offer them special benefits for using such products and services,” adds Šperlová. Mamio already has dozens of partners, and more are carefully being selected.

The business potential is what attracted Czech Founders VC: “We invested in Mamio because we see that Mamio has found a strong need that moms currently don’t have covered, and thanks to which they can grow very efficiently. We see the business potential precisely in their ability to reach moms with products and services at the right time and in a way that is not annoying advertising but rather a tip that helps moms and has significant business added value for Mamio’s partners,” describes Ivan Kristel, Czech Founders VC partner.

Mamio also received support worth 60,000 EUR as part of the Technology Incubation from CzechInvest. In the past, it went through the ČSOB Startit incubator and received several awards – such as Best Young App 2023 in App Parade or the Social Impact Award.

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