Our mission is simple: a high-quality guest list representing individuals from diverse fields such as startups, founders, aspiring entrepreneurs, the public sector, government innovation organizations, investors, and representatives from the tech industry; together in same place and time every first Tuesday in a month – to make it easy for them to remember and plan. We are creating a place for new collaborations and strengthening old relationships, for knowledge sharing and supporting innovation boost.

Tensor Ventures LPs Meet-Up

What a symphony last week! 🚀 Thanks to investors, startups, and Tensor friends for making our deep-tech orchestra happen! We are glad we could meet our LPs & startups & friends at Klubovna 2. Patro last week! 🔍 Martin, Daniel, Petr, Roman, and Ondrej – dived into Tensor’s triumphs and unleashed some future blueprints. 🎤 […]

Pitchmas Miracle

✨ 🎉 Ho, Ho, Holly PITCHMAS! A heartfelt thank you to all who made our Christmas startup meetup – Pitchmas Miracle, unforgettable! 🙌 A big shoutout to our partners Technologická inkubace, Raiffeisenbank Česká republika, Seed Starter ČS & Credo Ventures that (instead of chasing their KPIs) shared the light with their chosen NGOs and startups who […]


This was our 4th edition of Truesday!   1️⃣ 18:15 – 18:50 PANEL DISCUSSION What are the best stress relievers for high-pressure jobs at startups? Are you struggling with focus? Feeling the high pressure and big demands at work? It happens to everyone at times, but do you have your stress relievers? We’ve got you covered! 👇 […]


  We are delighted to share the highlights of our recent TRUESDAY event held on November 7, which brought together around 140 esteemed guests from Prague’s vibrant startup ecosystem. TRUESDAY continues to be the go-to destination for those in search of fresh ideas, networking opportunities, new coworkers and valuable insights. Event Highlights: 1️⃣ PANEL DISCUSSION: […]