Powerful Medical Secures €7.5M in Funding from EIC to Revolutionize Heart Attack Diagnostics with AI

Powerful Medical, a pioneering medical device manufacturer, proudly announces being selected to receive a €2.5 million grant and a follow-on €5 million investment from the European Innovation Council (EIC).

Chosen from over one thousand applicants, Powerful Medical stands out as a driver of innovation focused on transforming the field of cardiovascular diagnostics. 

Powerful Medical leads the battle against cardiovascular diseases, the number one cause of death worldwide, with heart attacks accounting for the majority of these fatalities. The company’s flagship AI-powered ECG interpretation platform, PMcardio, is setting a new standard in cardiac diagnostics, enabling healthcare professionals to detect acute heart attacks, also known as occlusion myocardial infarction, along with 38 other cardiac abnormalities at the first point of contact. The certified medical device analyzes any image of a 12-lead ECG and compares it against millions of previous patient records, enabling early and precise diagnosis—a critical gap in current healthcare practices.

The secured EIC funding underscores the impact of Powerful Medical’s work, highlighting its potential to substantially reduce the burden of cardiovascular diseases on a global scale. The grant and subsequent investment will be pivotal to fulfill the company’s ambitious plans for commercialization fueled by evidence from planned prospective randomized controlled trials ensuring the highest level of clinical validation.

“We are immensely grateful for the EIC’s recognition and support, which propels us closer to achieving our mission of saving lives on a global scale,” said Martin Herman, CEO of Powerful Medical“This investment fuels our ambition to broaden our reach within the EU and pioneer entry into the US, a journey supported by early believers like Life Extension Ventures, Venture to Future Fund (backed by European Investment Bank), Zero Gravity Capital, and our partners at Civitta.”

Despite general reservations about the use of AI in healthcare, Powerful Medical’s data-driven, methodical approach is set to redefine care coordination within the healthcare system. The integration of PMcardio into existing hospital workflows streamlines the triage process with an AI-augmented patient assessment pathway and enables prompt interventions for those with the most acute conditions, leading to improved outcomes and increased efficiency for institutions.

“The impact of our technology is not limited to the immediate treatment of heart attacks; it extends into the future well-being of patients.Our AI models in development focus on ECG-based screening for heart failure as early as asymptomatic patients presenting for a routine check-up to their GP and early recognition of sudden cardiac death predictors (such as Brugada and Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy), ensuring patients have the best chance for a healthier, longer life,” states Dr. Robert Herman, Chief Medical Officer at Powerful Medical.

Backed by the European Innovation Council, Powerful Medical is escalating its clinical validation efforts and expanding its footprint throughout Europe. Awaiting FDA approval and with ongoing pilots in the US, the company is strategically positioning itself for an expansive global reach. Their commitment to innovation and improving patient care establishes Powerful Medical as a key player in transforming heart care with AI on a worldwide scale. 

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