Prague will be the stage for a showcase of cutting-edge biotechnologies featuring Christian A. Stein, Petr Jansa, and other leading experts

The event unites top minds in biotechnology, representatives from major investment funds, technology transfer law specialists and other professionals from the biotech and medtech sectors.

The conference aims to facilitate connections between seasoned investors, representatives from leading pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies and technology transfer offices with promising start-ups, scientists and students, offering valuable advice and insights for the commercialization of scientific ideas. Attendees, comprising representatives from both science and business, will engage in first-hand exchanges about the development and financing of new drugs, diagnostics, and medical technologies.

Endorsed by Minister for Science, Research, and Innovation, Helena Langšádlová, Minister of Industry and Trade, Jozef Síkela, and under the patronage of Prague Mayor, Bohuslav Svoboda, the international event caters to academics, investors and industry experts across Central Europe.

 The keynote speakers for this year’s edition are already known. The first is Christian A. Stein, the CEO of Ascenion GmbH, one of the largest technology transfer institutions in Germany. He was the head of the patent and licensing office in the German Human Genome Project, president of ASTP (the largest European association for technology transfer). He has also founded various successful biotechnology and other companies and now also serves as a board member of the Alliance for Transfer in Germany. In addition to a doctorate in molecular biology, he also holds a Master of Science (MSc) in Intellectual Property Management. At the conference he will acquaint participants with the differences in conditions and needs when founding spin-offs from the perspective of founders, investors and scientists.

Another key speaker is Silicon Valley expert Petr Jansa, co-founder of Pallando Therapeutics and other successful start-ups. His expertise builds on collaboration with Prof. Antonín Holý and the development of new drugs at Gilead Sciences. Currently, he is intensely involved in the start-up scene, whether as Head of Development at Bridgene Biosciences, as an advisor to the California Life Science FAST program (a program for early-stage start-ups), or as a consultant to Biotech start-ups and investor in innovative projects. In his presentation he will summarize, among other things, the sources of innovation that are currently driving the world of biotech in Silicon Valley.

“There was great interest in last year’s inaugural Conference. We welcomed representatives of the Czech government, the mayor of Prague, and significant representatives of science and business from all neighboring countries. We are very pleased with the positive feedback. People across the spectrum, from universities, science and research environments, spin-offs and start-ups, small and medium-sized innovative companies, as well as large pharma and diagnostic companies, met with lucrative investors, patent representatives, and top lawyers. And not only during the formal parts of the event but also personally during the informal evening program. It was truly a unique networking opportunity,” says Petra Kinzlová, CEO of the cluster, which organizes the event.

Beyond lectures, the conference will include panel discussions with investors and law firm representatives specializing in technology transfer law – a segment that was highly acclaimed the previous year. Additionally, start-ups and R&D teams can submit their technologies online; the best teams will pitch them and receive investors’ feedback at the event.

Scheduled for September 24th at Slovanský dům in Prague, the conference is open for registration on the official website for interested participants.

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