Scouting for startups in Czech waters, Startup Kitchen and Tensor Ventures partner up with CERN in a pioneering initiative

Startup community platform Startup Kitchen and deep tech investment fund Tensor Ventures join CERN Venture Connect, the startup programme of the European Laboratory for Particle Physics (CERN), based in Switzerland.

This partnership will allow Czech deep-tech startups to have access to CERN’s  unique technologies and know-how. Tensor Ventures and Startup Kitchen announce their collaboration with CERN, as part of the CERN Venture Connect programme. This collaboration aims to empower the most promising Czech deep tech startups, allowing them to tap into the unique knowledge and selected technologies offered by the well-known European research organization. The programme also connects entrepreneurs to investors and incubators. Although CERN is the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, startups developing technologies in areas such as optical networks, metrology, cryogenics, aviation, pharmaceuticals, quantum technologies, data management, and many more can also apply to the program. 

Ash Ravikumar, representing CERN Venture Connect, states, “CERN was established in 1954 to investigate particle physics. It also stands behind creating the World Wide Web (WWW) protocol, optical encoder, proton therapy and many more. CERN Venture Connect, which is a newly established programme, has the task of continuing this tradition. That is, to help enthusiastic teams with advanced technologies to change the world for the better and, at the same time, to make their ideas a reality as soon as possible. We believe that the Czech Republic has many such teams, and we look forward to the cooperation.”

This sentiment is echoed by representatives of the Startup Kitchen platform and the Tensor Ventures deep tech fund. However, specific company names are not disclosed at this time. Tomáš Cironis, the founder of Startup Kitchen, explains the process: “Our internal team, along with experts from Tensor Ventures, will assess the potential of the technology and then assist the startup with the application to CERN Venture Connect. The acceptance process is then managed by CERN itself.”

Martin Drdúl, a partner at Tensor Ventures, emphasizes the significant capital invested in promising Czech deep-tech startups in recent years. He believes that the Czech Republic has the potential to be a visible player in advanced technologies, stating, “Access to CERN’s technologies is a positive signal for Czech startups that they are considered on the international stage.”

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