Lakmoos builds data models that simulate how target groups behave and make decisions, and has raised €300k Pre-Seed from Presto Ventures

Lakmoos brings a cutting-edge blend of AI and behavioral science. They replace human survey respondents with data models that are just as accurate and always reflect the dominant opinion of the selected target groups.

Data quality is crucial. Lakmoos is not a ChatGPT knock-off, meaning that company data is safe, and the platform allows for a more precise filtration of the target audience. Their proprietary AI models combines three major data streams: publicly available data (eg. from media or statistical offices), partner data (eg. SC&C research agency), and proprietary company data (eg. archive reports, CRM data). Unlike monolithic models like ChatGPT, the Lakmoos model works in layers, and the top layer is tailored to a specific company and stays only in their own model. This gives companies access to the most accurate copy of their target audience, plus the assurance their data will never be used to train competitors’ data models.

Why is it interesting?

Lakmoos makes research dynamic and continuous, meaning companies can ask anything, anytime and get an accurate answer within seconds. 

By combining multiple streams of data in their layered model, Lakmoos upcycles the data from archives, CRMs, and analytical tools to build precise copies of target groups. They give each model a name and a face. Anyone in the company can then interact with these models that act like clients and get instant insights – without the need for budgeting, approval rounds, or participant recruitment. The voice of the customer can be present in any meeting.

Collecting public opinions can be painful and laborious; yet, these insights are crucial for designing informed and effective advertising campaigns, or products and services that actually sell. Nowadays, companies pay a huge price for single-use surveys that are used to inform one problem or one season – after that, they sit in the archive, collecting dust. It’s estimated that established companies sit on $150-180M worth of data from past research. But times change, people change, opinions change – it’s understandable that companies don’t want to use the 2008 housing report to inform a 2024 mortgage campaign.

Having mapped how research is done in 20 large companies (the smallest being Packeta, and the biggest Microsoft), Lakmoos found out that more than 3/4 of time and energy is spent on administration, not on interacting with the participants or data – this means budgeting,

tweaking project scopes, briefing data-collection agencies, or securing approvals within the organization. Using digital respondents solves these issues and eliminates inefficiencies. 


Besides providing value to companies, Lakmoos augments established research agencies as well. The whitelabel solutions by Lakmoos can be used to upcycle or re-use agency data – often worth millions of euros – for a fraction of the original cost. This will enable research agencies to cover more market areas and approach new client segments with novel analyses, transforming consumer insights. 


Market research is a $81 Bn industry, growing by 8.4% pa. (Statista). Due to AI breakthroughs, the industry finds itself on a threshold of transformation. Several huge players in market research indicated the industry has been waiting for a notable disruption. 

Unfortunately, most change happening with large language models (like ChatGPT) brought about only incremental innovation, eg. formulating questions for surveys or clustering topics from interviews. Nevertheless, that does not solve the main problem – as long as a human respondent is needed for every piece of insight, the process will continue to consume considerable resources for administration, data collection, and interpretation.

What People say

“Instant research is finally possible. In parallel to pharma, we provide an in silico testing tool, which sometimes reveals all you need to know within a split second. You can bounce all your questions and ideas – simulate different scenarios, play around with the characteristics of the target group, and more. For important decisions or big campaigns, you may still want to enrich your knowledge with in vitro user testing or traditional surveys but now you can do the first reality-check on your own.” says Kamila Zahradnickova, Lakmoos, CEO & Co-Founder

“Imagine you are a company, you have a great idea for a product or an ad, but you are not sure people will like it. Nowadays, you would contact a research agency and go through a time-consuming, expensive, and stressful process. At Lakmoos, we want to change the status quo and enable you to test your idea immediately on our digital copy of your target population. With the help of AI and data science, Lakmoos can give you precise answers in real time.” Roman Konecny, Lakmoos, CSO (Chief Sales Officer) & Co-Founder

“While AI systems typically utilize monolithic models, our approach is based on a layered model. This allows us to selectively enable or disable different data sources. When a company infuses their private data into the mix, we guarantee this information will neither be shared with third parties, nor used to train models for other companies. Our models integrate data from various sources, and we employ strict measures to ensure that company-specific data doesn’t inadvertently influence other models.” Jan Polisensky, Lakmoos, CTO & Co-Founder

“Lakmoos is exactly the moonshot every VC is looking for. Born in deeptech, bold and audacious. With our investment, Kamila and her team will unlock a massive market opportunity with a hard-to-replicate technology that targets the most valuable enterprise customers.” Vojta Rocek, Presto Ventures, Partner

“Organizations are constantly at risk of wasting resources by developing the wrong  solution to the wrong problem. The answer is to understand our customers and partners better by being curious and spending time with them. For the occasions when that’s not possible, this brilliant tool lets us use our existing knowledge and wider data to get useful answers instantly, iterating faster towards creating real value and success.” Adam Lawrence | UX & Design Thinking Expert, Faculty at IE Business School, Co-Author of ‘This is Service Design Doing’

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