The owner of STAPRO and Moondust Ventures concluded a cooperation agreement in the area of healthcare start-ups

FONS JK Group, the owner of the leading Czech IT company STAPRO, concluded a cooperation agreement with the investment company Moondust Ventures.

The first phase of the cooperation will focus on joint investments in promising start-ups in the areas of healthcare, medical procedures and related technologies. During the second phase, the companies plan to establish and manage an investment fund, focused on investing in innovative healthcare start ups.

“New technologies have the potential to fundamentally change healthcare practices and solutions around the world. Whether it’s artificial intelligence algorithms radically increasing the efficiency of diagnostic care, solutions accelerating drug development, or remote healthcare delivery, it’s clear that new technologies are changing healthcare delivery faster than ever. FONS wants to be an active player in this area and cooperation with Moondust Ventures will provide us with such a role,” said Leoš Rajbr, chairman of the board of directors of Fons.

Geographically, the investments will primarily focus on Central and Eastern Europe, but an overlap is also likely with Western Europe and other parts of the world. Investments will be directed mainly to the early stages of development of new technologies and to the support of university teams working on promising projects.

“For Moondust Ventures, cooperation with such a strong partner as FONS is extremely important. The combination of expertise, contacts and capital strength of both teams, brings a great prospect of success. Investing in companies that have the potential to increase the effectiveness of treatment, or its availability and speed, is both economically interesting and humanly rewarding” said Marios Nicolettis, CEO of Moondust Ventures.

Due diligence of several potential targets in the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany is currently underway.

FONS is, among other things, the owner of STAPRO, a leading Czech provider of IT solutions in the field of healthcare, with a dominant position on the Czech market in the field of medical information systems. FONS also owns the MEDILA network of biochemical laboratories. Its latest investment is the establishment of a spin-off company, LIPIDICA, in cooperation with the University of Pardubice, which aims to launch a patented lipidomic method for diagnosing pancreatic cancer.

Moondust Ventures is an investment company managing a private portfolio of investments in early-stage technology companies, (pre-seed and seed), based in the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Switzerland and Israel.

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