ThreatMark Secures $5 Million in Latest Funding Round

ThreatMark secures $5M from Orbit Capital, hitting $13M in annual funding, bolstering its growth in fraud prevention.

ThreatMark, a leading innovator in behavior-based fraud prevention, is thrilled to announce the successful completion of its latest funding round, securing an impressive $5 million USD investment from Orbit Capital. This capital injection marks a significant milestone for the company, demonstrating the strong confidence investors have in its vision, product, and future growth.

A Key Partnership with Orbit Capital

In a strategic move to bolster ThreatMark’s mission to revolutionize fraud prevention, Orbit Capital has invested $5 million USD in the latest funding round. The partnership with Orbit Capital represents a pivotal moment for ThreatMark, bringing not only financial support but also strategic insights and industry expertise that will propel the company to new heights. This injection of funds will be dedicated to advancing research and development, expanding market reach, and enhancing the overall capabilities of ThreatMark’s cutting-edge fraud prevention solutions.

CEO Michal Tresner expressed gratitude for the trust and confidence Orbit Capital has shown in the company’s potential, stating, “This investment is a testament to the strength of our vision and the value our solutions bring to the market. We are excited to leverage Orbit Capital’s support to accelerate our growth and continue our mission to redefine fraud prevention.”

Surpassing $13 Million USD in Cumulative Funding Amidst Global Challenges

In the face of a challenging global economic climate and a slowdown in venture capital funding, ThreatMark proudly announces a cumulative fundraising achievement of over $13million USD in the last 12 months, with Springtide Ventures leading the pack of investors. This impressive feat underscores the robustness of ThreatMark’s business model, the market demand for its innovative solutions, and the confidence investors have in the team’s execution.

Commenting on this remarkable milestone, ThreatMark’s CFO Martin Zikmund noted, “Securing over $ 13 million in funding during the past 12 months is a testament to the resilience of our team and the market’s recognition of the unique value we bring. It’s particularly noteworthy given the challenges presented by the current economic climate and the cautious approach many venture capitalists are adopting.”

The success in fundraising is indicative of the strategic decisions made by ThreatMark and reinforces its position as a standout player in the fraud prevention market. This achievement highlights the company’s ability to navigate and thrive in adverse conditions, setting it apart from the competition.

In a joint statement, the executive team emphasized that this significant funding achievement is a clear indicator of the market’s recognition of ThreatMark’s distinctiveness and the increasing need for advanced fraud prevention solutions in today’s digital landscape.

As ThreatMark is drawing near the end of the year of over 50% YoY revenue growth, the infusion of fresh capital and continued investor confidence positions the company for even greater success in reshaping the future of fraud prevention.

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