Zerops Secures $500K Pre-Seed Round to Revolutionize the PaaS Landscape

In a significant move for the developer community, Zerops has successfully raised a $500,000 pre-seed funding round from Presto Ventures and Gi21 Capital. This milestone comes as Zerops, a developer-first Platform as a Service (PaaS), continues to gain traction and support for its innovative approach to cloud computing.

The Rise of Zerops: A Developer-First Approach

Zerops is not just another PaaS. Born as a spin-off from VSHosting, the largest Central European provider of managed hosting services, Zerops is designed to cater specifically to developers. Its mission is to simplify the life and work of developers by providing a consistent, reliable, and cost-effective platform for developing, deploying, and running applications—regardless of their size or complexity.

Ales Rechtorik, CEO and Co-Founder of Zerops, elaborates on the vision: “Zerops is the very definition of a ‘by developers for developers’ product. The core of our vision as well as our guiding principle is making developers’ lives easier. While staying humble, well aware of the behemoth of the cloud industry, we’re working hard to gain the trust of the early adopters from the developer community. And to make our vision come true, we’re expanding the Zerops team.”

A Strategic Partnership with Contabo Group

Maintaining a strategic partnership with VSHosting’s global parent company, Contabo Group (part of the KKR portfolio since 2022), Zerops is positioned to leverage extensive infrastructure and resources. This partnership enhances Zerops’ ability to deliver top-notch services while benefiting from the expertise and global reach of Contabo Group.

The Investment and Its Impact

The $500,000 pre-seed funding from Presto Ventures and Gi21 Capital marks a pivotal moment for Zerops. This investment will be utilized to:

  • Enhance Integrations: Add first-class integration with the most popular frameworks and open-source software.
  • Expand Knowledge Base: Grow the knowledge base and documentation to support developers better.
  • Improve Onboarding: Enhance the onboarding process to make it more seamless and user-friendly.
  • Global Expansion: Prepare for global expansion by gathering traction and increasing visibility in the market.

Premysl Rubes, Founder and Managing Partner of Presto Ventures, highlights the significance of this investment: “For a while, developers have been leaving Heroku, the market leader in this segment, in favor of more innovative and flexible competitors—and thanks to Ales and Jan, more are now quickly switching to Zerops. Given the massive use of AI in programming, developers are now developing much faster and more efficiently. Naturally, they’re also looking for ways to easily acquire and set up the infrastructure for their projects to run on. At Presto, we like spin-offs. There are a few in our portfolio already, and so far, Zerops is the one that brings us the most joy with its velocity and user interest.”


Zerops: Simplifying the Development Process

Zerops offers a unified environment for projects of any size and complexity across all stages of the application development lifecycle. By incorporating best development practices and providing guided paths, Zerops empowers solo developers and small to medium-sized teams to create great applications with confidence.

Key features of Zerops include:

  • Auto-Scaling Capabilities: Ensures that production environments always have the necessary resources to perform optimally, regardless of scale.
  • Consistent Environments: Allows non-production environments to be set up identically to production while keeping costs in check through fine-grained resource configuration.
  • Custom Infrastructure: Manages a robust infrastructure for each project, similar to the popular open-source orchestration platform Kubernetes but without the hassle.
  • Transparent Managed Services: Provides managed services with professional, highly available setups based on best practices and VSHosting’s know-how, avoiding the vendor lock-in pitfall.


A Vision for the Future

Zerops is not just about technology; it’s about creating a balanced combination of features that truly address the needs of developers. The team behind Zerops invested three years of development and millions of euros to build the platform from scratch, ensuring control over all aspects from hardware to application orchestration.

Damir Spoljaric, Founder of Gi21 Capital, comments on the platform’s impact: “When Ales and Honza embraced the idea of Zerops, they quickly managed to find a gap in the market and create a complex infrastructure service that allows for fast application deployment. Faster than creating a client account elsewhere in some cases. Thanks to the integrated high availability, Zerops maintains the original idea of production operations reliability. At the same time, the platform offers unique vertical and horizontal scaling and maximum developer convenience. The proof? First paying clients from day one of launching Zerops.”


Join the Revolution

Zerops is set to make significant strides in the PaaS market, aiming to become a major player and contribute to the overall growth of the industry. With the backing of notable investors and a clear vision for the future, Zerops is poised to simplify the development process and win over thousands of active users within the next two years.

For more information about Zerops and its innovative approach to cloud computing, visit

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